Why is my ex trying to set me up with his friend?

I work with a guy I dated for several months, he wasn't ready for commitment so he ended things. It was a pretty crappy relationship tbh. It started off good but towards the end it felt like he was taking me for granted and he wasn't willing to give on anything. Anyway things ended pretty good, we remained friends, hanging out once a week or so. I felt relieved after things ended as I wasn't happy with him as a bf but do really like him as a friend. I made this clear to him as I didn't want him to feel back for ending things as he felt really guilty. This seemed to make him flip and start acting all bf like towards me. We were occasionally sleeping together so I cut that out as he started getting emotional afterwards. I also backed off a bit and stopped texting him as much etc.
Anyway now about a fortnight after I limited contact he is trying to set me up with a guy we work with who happens to be his friend. I made it clear to him I have no interest in him and it's just mean making this guy chase me when he knows it's not going to happen.
So what i am asking is why is he doing this?
Is it a control thing? Does he want to keep tabs on me or see if I'm dating anyone else? Could he be dated someone else and wants me to move on so he can guilt-free?


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  • I think he wants to keep tabs on you


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  • I think its a control thing.. in a very weird psychological way.
    I think he feels this empowers him to remain in someone connected with you without the direct connection.
    i know thats a bit difficult to grasp but thats exactly the problem.. its irrational.
    I set boundaries. Keep your romantic life separate from work


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  • Maybe it's just guilt kicking in.