What does it mean if someone says they are an emotional brick wall and they can't truly get into the relationship they are in?

My friends bf says he's an emotional brick wall now because of bad experiences in the past in relationships. Does it mean he has no feelings for her or he's in denial about having feelings?


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  • It means he's a weak little cunt.. and he most likely has a bother or friend who can get the job done for him... hit them up if you're looking for A REAL MAN.. not a broken little cunt who can be broken because of some silly whore who hurt his "feelings in the past" lmao... wow.. what a joke..

    • his brother*

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    • Ughhh yea! Such cowards!!! So hard to find a real man these days!

    • I know right? Why are real HARD MEN so rare these days? Men who will spank you and pull you hair and be the boss just don't exist anymore... thanks feminazis'! :<

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  • It means he's a whiny bitch.


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  • Sounds like someone who is damaged goods. EVERYONE goes through some type of bad experience, you got to move on eventually or quit complaining. I am sure he would still have feelings for someone, he just mot likely won't act upon them.

    • Interesting! Thanks for your answer! What do you mean by act upon them though? Meaning he'll be in denial about having the feelings?

    • No, I don't think it has anything to do with being in denial. He is just simply hurt and can't move on from the past. Act upon as in if he had an interest in a girl but he didn't try any way to pursue her. He doesn't want to take the chance and get hurt all over again. I have a feeling that eventually he will open up and move on from the bitch (es) that hurt him.

    • Ahhh i understand! Thank you!