Should I wish him good luck?

We're hookup buddies but it's kinda complicated. He's not texting as often and didn't reply to my last text about having had fun hanging out. He's running a race today in his hometown, should I text him to wish him luck? Or does that risk coming on too strong, as if I like him as more than a hookup buddy


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  • Nah, don't text him. If I'm hook-up buddies with a woman and she gets text-saavy, it makes me think she has the wrong impression, even if we've stated things otherwise.


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  • Finding something better do with your life he a hookup. He doesn't feel like that about you or else he would have made you his girlfriend.


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  • I don't see why not. If you're sort of friends as well that would be a perfectly normal thing to do. I'd send a male (or female) friend an encouraging text if he was in race. Just don't send multiple messages...


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