Should I wish my EX boyfriend a happy birthday after he dumped me 3 months ago?

It is after 9pm here, and its my ex of 6 years birthday. I feel sick in my stomach. I haven't spent it apart from him once and I haven't been able to stop weighing up whether I should or shouldn't text a happy birthday message.

I have been extremely hurt and depressed over the break up which happened 3 months ago, no contact since.

He broke up with me when he decided to move to Italy and because I did not want to and was offended he told me this over the phone and made a big deal out of that, he ended things over text and said good luck with your small life, I replied whatever bye. That was it.

Part of me that still loves him and wishes I was with him on his birthday, it pains me to think I am not with him on his birthday enjoying it with him, and how bitter things have got between us.

Part of still hopes that we will rekindle what we lost and reconnect in the future, and I guess me saying happy birthday is just me giving myself false hope?

I am hesitant to contact him as I don't think its a good idea to reopen communication with someone who I felt so disrespected by, I also am scared of the response I might get, then the other side of me is saying be the mature person, and say happy birthday and show you have no hard feelings.

I still care about him and miss him, I want to do the right thing.

What do you think?
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Hi to anyone who is reading this. I ended up not saying happy birthday thanks to all your great advice. I also blocked him off my facebook when I saw he was liking some selfie photo he is dating. I thought to myself this piece of crap has put me through enough torture, I am not going to purposely torture myself, looking at this, and he doesn't deserve to be friends with me anyway
Should I wish my EX boyfriend a happy birthday after he dumped me 3 months ago?
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