Girls always say how much of a great guy I am but never want to date me?

Girls are always saying how nice I am and that I'm the kind they all want. I'm fairly confident, 6ft 3, well spoken, dress nicely, polite, friendly. I'd never cheat on a girl, I know what the feeling is like to be cheated on so thats why I can never do this. Girls always show interest then when I ask them to hang out and tell them what we're doing they always reject my in a "nice" way (we're just friends/we will see/maybe....) I'm not a push over like most people think, I can be a nasty little bastard if I wanted to be but I'm not changing for anyone. The girls I ask always end up dating someone else then talking to me like I could be a potential, maybe in the future or something like that. Basically a plan B, then 2 years later down the line tell me that they really liked me. If that was the case why didn't they date me back then? It's too late for them to come back the boat has departed. When ever I go out with my friends one is gay and he has so many girls trying to get with him and he rejects them all (why they try him I don't know) and my other friend is similar to me but more confident than I am, shorter and fatter than me and can't seem to get a girl either. I've had 2 female friends try to set me up and everytime has failed. I go for girls around 2 years younger than me. I tried clubs, pubs, malls,online dating, pool halls, no results. I try many different approaches, player approach, friendly approach, friendly but making my intentions clear, I have tried many types of girls, shy, goth, hipster, even the slutty gurls and still they're not interested. The guys at my work can't seem to work out why no girls want to date me. I don't know what else I can do any tips?
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My girls have told me that playing an instrument helps, I play bass and guitar and still that can't seem to attract them. I had 1 8 month relationship 5 years ago and she still likes me but I can't date her ever again, not after what happened and getting back with an ex is always a recipe for disaster. I am so inexperienced in relationships I feel now it's just getting more difficult as I am getting older
Girls always say how much of a great guy I am but never want to date me?
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