Help needed very confused about Guy friends feelings to me? Please honest answers?

Hi am good friends with a guy at my work who is 10 years younger and just moved in with his girlfriend. we always been great close mates.

We had stupid row as he showed he liked me but on night out said he didn't and flirted with someone else but my friend said why would he say that but obvious does like me as he knows am with someone and he knows long term he could not have me but it hurt what he did.
Then recently again he changing back and
Going back to his old self like trying to get my attention lots, buys me drinks at work and social events all around me, buys me birthday gifts and Christmas, no one else, compliments me lot on clothes and my weight loss, says am such a kind hearted good girl.

Will reply via text to see if am ok when down, likes to give me ideas for songs in charts and recipe ideas, if I have laugh with another guy friend who sits opposite to me at work he looks down as he next bank and butts in and starts talking to him to kinda interupt, he loves to tease me and make me laugh, says nice top or always asks how my evening was but never asks no one else. Recently he been asking me bout what to do about him n his girlfriend arguing all time but loves her but says it gets him down, as am so relaxed and chilled out wish she like that.

It's like he don't want our conversations to end when I give him lift in car its weird but when I say how much I care and give him cuddle he goes shy and blushes but don't say nothing back.

But if I don't say he my favourite or give him attention be in his team on quizes etc he goes mardy, am very confused as we have said before in a round about way it can't happen not directly though, another thing on a night out he just stares at me most of night and dances near me but won't ever do anything it's really weird. I want people's honest opinion and yes I have bf who i love lots but confused?
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I want to ask him but daren't he knows am having problems with my bf and something my bf did really upset me, he asked me again today and said I would finish with them but up to you your life, but he goes I don't like what he done to my Lynn and looked really upset, what does that mean as a friend? As today he did compliment another girl on her looks but he said being nice am his number 1
Help needed very confused about Guy friends feelings to me? Please honest answers?
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