I need an advice from you all, I am confused about my friend, does he like me?

I have known him for about 3 years, but our friendship got to a whole different level within the last 2 months. He seems very friendly. I got the feeling that he likes me, but I am not sure yet:

1) Would a guy just try his very best to find a good job for a normal girlfriend? I mean, I didn't even ask him, but out of the blue he asked me whether I want to do an office job, I simply said yes, and he did find so many... I find it strange because I dont understand why.

2) He did ask me out 4 or 5 times to go have dinner, when we almost had it, we both had to rush to his office to sort something out. And he still asks me out, but he is always too busy and he knows it too.

3) He asked me whether I have a social media account, and I didn't have one. I did create an account after a while and added him. He immediately accepted my request. He likes all my photos there. Would a guy just like all the photos, is it normal?

4) He always asks me to go see him in his office no matter when. He always tells me how smart, talented, intelligent I am and I really am not used to hearing such compliments at all. He helps me without asking anything in return. And he did introduce me to his colleagues at work and parents.

Do you think this all indicates that he likes me? I like him very very much, and I am so scared of making the first move. I wonder whether guys would be scared of girls approaching first?

Please help me!
I need an advice from you all, I am confused about my friend, does he like me?
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