Sexted this guy online but he confuses me. Guys out there, please help me understand?

I got bored one night and decided to get into one of those online chat rooms applications (don’t judge me).

I started chatting with this one guy. After a few words he asked me what I was wearing... and well you can guess what happened next. Somewhere in between he sent me gifs of his you know where, doing you know what. I shared nothing back, I don’t feel comfortable with sending nudes to strangers.

**This is where I gets weird** After we are done sexting he asked me my number, and that he wanted to be my “friend” insisted upon it. I refused. He knew immediately that I wouldn’t trust a stranger.

Next night, same thing happened but no pictures this time. He asked again... insisted upon the friendship thing. I told him we are strangers, and that to be my friend he needs to know me not just what I like in bed. We ended up agreeing in being online fu**buddies (but I don’t think he’s dropping the friends thing).

He’s just... WHY? Why does he want to be my friend, why ask for my number? Does he think one day we’ll have sex for real? That one of us is going to drive all the way to the other side of Texas to have sex? Is this is way of making me trust him and get nudes from me? What the f**** is going on here? We don’t even know what each other look like (just described ourselves in a very basic level no pics). For as long as I’ve been in that silly app, I’ve never ever had a guy like this... I thought guys liked sexting and anonymity, no strings or anything... so I’m just here going like “WTF”. I’m probably not the only girl he’s sexting and asking for numbers.

My question to you is... “What’s his game?” Guys our there, help me understand here.

Note: I don’t need a lesson on the dangers online, I’m a grown woman. I know how it works.

About: I’m 25 latina, he’s 28 white. We’re both in Texas. We have no idea what each other look like or anything at all about each other.

Thank you so much to those who answer.
Sexted this guy online but he confuses me. Guys out there, please help me understand?
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