I blocked her number, is there a way I can found out if she has tried to text or call?

WE broke up 3 months ago, I blocked her number a month ago. I did it for the both of us cause I still wanted her back but she was moving on so I didn't want to hold her back, is there a way I can check and see if she has tried to get a hold of me at all during this time period?


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  • 1) No, you have blocked her number and as such there is no way for her to contact your cell phone from the number you blocked.

    2) That was an immature solution to a problem. I am assuming she took that very harshly and doesn't want to be in touch with you

    3) Why would you want to hear from her, you blocked her. There is no reason to ponder about the past/future... Just live in the moment.

    • No it was a very mature thing to do. If I could still keep in contact with her, I would tell her that I still love her and sh*t like that. Why would I do that if I knew she didn't want to hear that coming from me anymore. she is a real nice girl and I would like to still be friends but I couldn't take watching her leave my life and go into some other guys life. And like I said she was moving on so I didn't block it a day after. She told me she didn't want to be with me anymore so it didn't matte

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    • Head wants anothe thing. its just there not corresponding with each other right now. I seriosuly cannot blame her for moving on since I didn't really help in any way. I just feel bad that I wasn't given another chance and that she didn't even warn me about how she was feeling. I just need to find a new girl that will make me feel better. I know it would help but I seriosuly been with the same girl for so long, I forgot how to play the game. so I don't even know where to start.

    • With your best foot forward. We all are intimidated at a point in time- Taking a risk will make your mind more at ease, and in turn, it will also help you realise where your mind is - which yes - it IS throughout your whole body. If you have anything else write me a message, I'd love to talk further =)

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  • i know the feeling mate, it messes with your head. I'm not sure why you bloked her number but I'm sure it was for a good reason at the time.

    My ex of 2 years broke up with me and it turned really nasty in within 2 weeks so I blocked her emails. Looking back it was the right thing to do. because I couldn't care less what she was sending me even though she was horrible but I couldn't trust myself not to bite and rise to it so I thought the best thing to do was block it all.

    To this day I wonder what if? has she been in contact? its pathetic and I know she will not of been but the not knowing is the hard part. Its all in your mind and I hate myself for feeling that way about it.

    I guess it means we are not over it as it shouldnt bother us. That's what worries me

    • I blocked her number so I couldn't call her. Everytime I heard her voice, it made me angry, p*ssed but also happy at the same time. Hard to describe. She said she can't give me another chance so that's another reason why. I felt like I was holding her back by still being in her life because I was still in it. So I figure if I can't hear her voice, ill can get over her cause when I blocked her number, she was over me.

  • Nope. Unless you get some sort of court order against her and access her phone records. Unlikely.

    What's even more unlikely is that she tried to call. Sounds like she dumped you after a relatively short relationship. You should move on too.

    • No I think you got it backwards. I blocked her. and no, we were together for 2 years.

    • Sorry my mistake. In that case she had put a lot of thought towards ending your relationship and dumped you. Move on.

      And by the way, blocking her is exactly what I would do/have done. The idea is to cut all communication from them so that you do think of them. You're over a couple of months, just wait a bit longer and focus on other stuff in your life.