How to date someone whos in another state?

I met this guy over the weekend who was here in my state attending his friends wedding. he got my number we started texting then we met again before he left for his home state. We do text and call everyday but its not much and i am feeling disinterested. He usually keeps up with it but i feel like long distance is killing it. I am from new york and he is from florida. He said he wants to date me and i didn't really catch the point. How would he wanna date me long distance? lol how do i go about my situation? he's a really nice guy we both are attracted to each other but because of the long distance i am not really feeling it...:/ can someone help?


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  • It is impossible to start a relationship long distance. Unless you are both willing to travel for the purpose of spending time together, this is not going anywhere.

    • he said he will come see me in few weeks. plus i have some family in florida who i can visit and he said he would like that but i see it nearly impossible like you said. so should i stop replying to him? or just talk as a friend? but everytime i talk to him i feel like i am investing myself which i dont wanna do just yet.

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    • I am not uncomfortable dating but it's just I haven't met a guy who have wowed me till now so that I give him a chance to sweep me off my feet lol I know fairy tales but I honestly don't crave for looks, money, status, sex etc in a guy I crave for deeper things like mental stimulation getting to know someone on a deeper level. Yes of course looks money status sex anyone can pose and if a guy has that I see that as a bonus ! It's like I want someone who has got these layers like how an onion pose and you know the more you peel the more you get to the core! I want a real person a real guy who is not ashamed of his fears and insecurities and who knows how to treat a woman who doesn't judge who has dreams and who is a self made man! These are all a turn on to me! Like people of today's time lack all these qualities! I am sure you know what I mean since you're older you were probably brought up differently than we have!

    • I am an idealist myself so I respect what you are saying. Developing a relationship still requires spending much time together but perhaps you can do it. You can do face time with Skype, etc. but its not as good as being there in person. Good luck.

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  • It depends on your willingness to make it work. I know it may seem strange trying to start a relationship with someone so far away. My ex and I met at a grocery store while he was in town for business, though he is from Boston and I'm in NJ. We had gone to dinner the next night and had kept in contact after he left. We ended up going steady for a little over a year and he'd flown me up to see him every weekend, plus weeks where we would make time to get together. This obviously isn't how a lot of distance relationships pan out, but I think if you're able to make the time for one another or plans to see one another it's doable. Obviously if you're not on board then it will likely fail. So whatever works for you!

    • so how did it end though? because of the long distance?

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    • oh yeah i am 25 and he's 31. he's funny and all but age is one more thing that i am kinda not sure about along with the long distance lol. by the way is it weird i didn't kiss him when he tried to kiss me on the first date? does he think i am boring?

    • no worries! I think age is only an issue if the two involved aren't on the same level in life, emotionally, etc. My ex was 44. But no, it's not weird that you didn't kiss him. I don't usually kiss on first dates as well, unless I'm feeling the guy, but nothing further than that. It sounds like he's interested because he wants to make things work it sounds like. you just have to get to know one another. I guess the internet is helpful in that you can skype/facetime, etc.

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