Guy just told me he loves me after two weeks?

I am freaking out right now because I've known this guy for two weeks and I like him a lot but I know it's not love for me. He just told me that he "just might be in love" with me. I freaked out but just said I think I might be falling in love with you and goodnight. Do I run or? I know he doesn't actually love me because he barely knows anything about me. I know a lot about him and he has issues with his family and I comfort him so I figure that's why he may feel the way he does. We've never had any physical contact so that reason is out. We actually dont even live in the same state (Met him online after I moved). Thoughts please? I really like him and could see a possible relationship after we've known each other longer but shoud I run now since he could be overly attached? He literally claiimed that he didn't believe in love when we first met but he admitted to liking me after a couple days. He seems very emotional so I don't want to just cut him off so should I just continue to just take things at my pace while he takes his for a few months and then possibly enter a relationship or avoid him all togethr? He's 18. I'll be 16 in two weeks. If you said run, give me an idea of how to ease out of it without hurting him or myself. // UPDATE: I couldn't post this yesterday because I reached my question limit, but I just found out that he has clinical depression. *sighs* I have no problem making people happy because I plan on becoming a psychiatrist one day but I feel so much weight on my shoulders now even though I physically can't do anything now. If you're just going to joke about it then piss off please.
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So I'm pretty sure he said it because he thought that's what I wanted to hear. A few hours before he said it, I posted one of those tumblr quote pictures about love and he liked and unliked it hours before so I think he thought I was directing it at him when I wasn't. I messaged him this morning and he read the messages but didn't respond.
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I MESSAGED HIM THIS MORNING: "So about last night.. Did you really think you felt that way or were you only saying it because you thought that's what I wanted to hear?
I'm not mad or regretful. I just didn't want you to feel like you had to say it or regret it and feel bad for saying it on impulse. I also just didn't want you to feel like I didn't like you because I didn't really say it back if you did mean it.
If you dont feel comfortable answering then that's fine too."


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  • Calm down. Don't freak out.

    You like him? Continue to date him. But don't say it back to him if it's not true. Don't lie. Just be honest with him.

    You can discuss with him why he feels that way since you two barely know each other. There have been people who have met each other for a day... and been married for YEARS.

    He could be one of these people. Just slow down and take it easy, one step at a time. I would also be cautious about being sexually active with him until after the 3rd month that you two are exclusive. That way, you know that he's into YOU and not just saying it for the sex.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you!

    • You're welcome!

    • Thumbs up 👍 for some good advice, but I would strongly caution having ANY sex at such a young age. According to her narrative he is 18 and she is 16; there are legal implications here. But more so because at such a young age one is not emotionally prepared for that experience. It can actually ruin or set back a blossoming relationship.

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  • First, you need to be very honest with yourself about what your feelings are. It is flattering to hear someone else say that they love us even if the feelings are not mutual. It is also flattering to think that someone believes we can be the answer to their problems. Those feelings in us are not a substitute for love.

    This boy is 18 years old and he probably has never been in love. He may have had a crush, been infatuated, or been in lust, but probably not love. As you noted, he does not know you well enough to love you. So why did he say it? Probably because he feels big voids in his life and you apparently fill at least one of them. It may feel wonderful to him. . . but we know that isn't love.

    He is suffering from depression. That will cloud everything that he says and does and you will probably never be able to determine how much he feels for you vs. how much he needs you to make himself feel better.

    You cannot help him with his depression. You are 16 and still in school. He lives in another state. This would be a horrible mistake for you. I think you know that, too, and you are looking for a graceful, easy way out of this.

    Tell him that you now realize that what you feel is sympathy for him because of his depression and family circumstances and that led you to blurt something about love that you now regret using the wrong word; it happened because you really don't want to disappoint him. However, if you try to continue in the relationship, you are afraid that his very strong need to feel loved will interfere with either of you being able to recognize your true feelings. He needs to get in treatment and resolve some of his personal issues before he is ready for a relationship. You could try to support him as a friend, from a distance, but that might give him false hope for you and he needs to be free from that, so the best thing to do is to go your separate ways.

    • We resolved the issues almost a week ago now, but I questioned him and he just said he was confused on the whole like-love thing but that it felt right. I think he possibly could have gotten help in the past. He pretty much is raising his little sister on his own because his mom is a drunk/drug addict, etc so he doesn't have time for helping himself. He even told me when we first met to not sympathize for him because he's not ashamed.

  • Ahh he pulled a Ted Mosby

    Well you don't have to say it back, he felt it and wanted you to know... as long as he acts normal in every other aspect, I don't think it's that bad lol.

    • Is he confusing it with lust/infatuation?

    • He replied today with this when I questioned his intentions. "I honestly don't know. I'm just really confused on the whole like and love thing, but it felt right so idk"

  • He misread you simple as that. He is totally embarrassed right now and that's most likely why he is being silent.

    • Thank you!

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    • I've said all that I hve to say for now. There isn't anything else I could say untill he responded. I think I sent him 6 messages; two of which are kind of apology paragraphs so I think he's heard enough from me.

    • UPDATE: Turns out I was kind of over worried for nothing. He just responded and said his mom took his phone all day and that was the reason he didn't reply but he took it back to text me. He also said "i'm just really confused on the whole like and love thing, but it felt right so idk" in rsponse to my earlier question about whther he meant it or only said it because he thought I wanted to hear it.

  • oh my gosh why did you fucking say that back?

    talk to him when you can and tell him it was late, you didn't really mean it but you do like him and want to take things a bit slower.

    • I didn't say it back exactly. I said "I think I might be falling in love too". There's a difference, and that wasn't exactly a lie. I like him, but I know it's definitely not love.

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    • How would you take it?

    • me personally, I'd be like "hahaa fuck off" in a joking way. BUUT in his shoes? first of all, he is the one who said it first, he seems to be madly in love with you, if you said it back to me and I was in that state of mind, then it would feed my feelings towards you even more and probably in an unhealthy way since its all too damn early.

  • oh gosh.. must have been awkward. Two week really? Yeah I think he is saying it because it's what you wanted to hear, and he thought it'll lead to something somehow.


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  • Tell him that he's moving things too fast and getting too serious; take a little break and see how he takes that news and how he begins behaving. If you see him calming down and he accepts what you say, you can re-consider going out with him.

  • Stay calm lol just explain to him that you feel things are moving a bit too fast and that you aren't ready to say you love him yet since you've only been together for such a short time

  • Well, in my experience, my ex-boyfriend told me that he loved me three months after we started dating, I had said I love you to him at two months when we were making out one night, even though we really did not know each other. He told me he wanted to wait to be sure that he truly loves me before he said it.
    However, after 9 months of dating he all of a sudden fell out of love with me. I am hurt and he's living his life, I'm assuming. I loved him from the start and still today, but he doesn't. Personally, I wish I would have never met him in the first place.

    My best advice is to give it some time and see where things head off to.

  • He is infatuated and doesn't know the difference

  • that's common


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