Girls, What is it with girls and pinching guys' cheeks?

Are you girls being cute/affectionate? Trying to cheer us up? I have no problem with it. It came across my mind after a "kind-of-a-date" I had. The girl I went out with during the 'date' in the middle of our conversationg pinched the both of my cheeks (my face) and said "Sry to do this but your are so cute"


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  • We like to touch, feel and explore things that interest us. I love pinching my boyfriends cheeks and booping his nose lol. Because I like his face and want to explore it.
    Maybe the same way guys like to grab a girls booty? To feel the texture of that bodypart that looks so nice?

    • So she just wanted to feel and pinch my face lol :) I see no prob in that, think we all feel that way.

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