Why doesn't he ever call or ask to hang out?

I met this guy about 2 months ago and started dating about a month a half ago. I have had my eye on him for about a year and when I saw him, I asked him for his number and initiated a date. I didn't want to waste any time. He has accepted all my requests to hang out, he answers when I call or text him, but he never calls me, never asks to hang out, but never seems to want to leave when we're together. He hasn't dated in a long time and I just got out of a long term relationship about 9 months back, so we're both a bit rusty at this dating thing, could that be it? He is also super busy with school, but he still never calls even if he has a break. I mean, do you think he would still hang out with me and not be interested? And do you think it's okay to ask him about a relationship or leave it up to him? I feel like I'm coming on too strong half the time and I've back off, but I want to be with him. Need advice please!
Why doesn't he ever call or ask to hang out?
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