If a guy asks you to go on a picnic with him months in advance is it possible he's just being really friendly or does he actually like me?

Okay so first of all we went to the same high school. We hung out once over this past winter break and then in the next few months he'd occasionally message/snapchat me to say he was thinking about me or something reminded him of me etc. We planned on a picnic awhile ago and went on it the other day and it went great, we had great conversation and I had dinner with his family and we made out a lot in the end! He messaged me the next day asking to hang out again so in a couple days we'll be going to a park together. The thing is he's a super friendly and likable guy and he compliments me so much I wonder if he's kind of fake. I've liked him for almost 2 years and he said that's how long he's liked me, but I don't know how interested he would be in a relationship since we do go to different colleges, which is why I question his actions


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  • Just ask him if he's interested in a relationship with you. I like straight forward questions, there's no grey answer to it. If he says he isn't sure and beats around the bush for a definate answer, then he probably isn't that interested in having you as a girlfriend. If he's at a different college and really does like you, he will find the time to hang with you. At least thats what I would do.

  • The correct answer to that question is "I don't know if I'll be busy then, how about tomorrow night?"


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