Guys, my boyfriend keeps following random girls why?

My boyfriend likes random girls pics too.. If liking a pic is ok.. Bc its a pic.. Then y follow a random girl on instagram.. Does it mean something n y does he keep doing this.. Is he looking for more? ... Hidden meanings? ..


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  • -_- are these girls instagram models?

    Lots of women do the same thing. I mean hey he might just be looking to enjoy the view.

    but that isn't nice. Its making you feel insecure... that sucks. Tell him to stop. Unless these women have some other talent besides being very attractive, having large assists -_- (which are shown off in every conceivable picture), and are somehow partying every hour of the day, then your "boyfriend" needs to stop. -_-

    • No models.. Just regular girls that look good.. He does as he pleases

    • when if he has always done what he pleases, even before you met him -_- then trying to stop that behavior if it bothers you is not going to be that easy

    • True

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  • I'm 31, and I have had facebook since it came out back in 2003, and have accounts on popular sites.
    The thing is I have never taken internet things too seriously. Unless he's going to meet up with the girl, then it means nothing.

  • Why dont u stalk him more and keep a close eye on him? Chk his phone and if he refuses, sumthings going on in their 👌🏼
    In relationship, honesty and trust is the utmost importance.

    • I think i will hve to do that wen i meet him nect.. Ty for the tip.. How will i kno if he is seeing someone else

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    • @Asker Don't worry, people all the time can't type my username so it became quiet normal for me now 😂 😂
      Tho can you keep us updated what came out of this?

    • Ty for that tip.. I did create an acct n lets see what happens n its weird he makes time for social media n not me..

  • Wouldn't be surprised if he's browsing. Can't explain why, just a feeling. How do you think your relationship is going?

    • I think its going gud.. 8 months but for him he wants to go with the flow.. He says he likes me n im a gud girl... But y do this

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    • Yes thats exctly how i feel im doing all the work n im giving my best n he does nothing. It sucks and it hurts and i did voice this to him n he says i understand and will do better.. Lets see oh by the way that was on sun n today is tues n wow guess what no message from him until i msgd him ugh i hate it!!!

    • Awww,...*pats* I don't know what's up with guys today. I'd never have done anything so foolish, even when I was young. Even my more adventurous friends wouldn't have done that. The times they are a 'changin, I guess. I do feel for you, though. I know it's tough.

  • Maybe he wants a random follow back?

    • Thats stupid.. Yes he hss a huge ego

  • I thought he chases them down the streets.

    • I wudnt b surprised but he told me... He minds fuck them

    • That's fucked up. I mean I have sex with multiple girls regularly and I am not in a formal relationship with any of them, yet I still avoid mentioning other girls in front of the girl I am with. It is just false behavior. You have every right not to put up with this, since you guys are in a relationship.

    • [ agree ty

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