Why are white girls so threatened by Asian girls?

As a response to the many racist posts the past few days... I find this hilarious as a half white half Taiwanese girl.
Come on this is just sadly desperate. XDDD

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I'm not ignoring Latinas and black girls (one of whom I've had a short friends with benefits relationship with and think is super cute) this is just a post that's focusing on the attacks on Asian girls recently :3
This was a joke post meant to poke fun at a troll recently that everyone took as race baiting (oops!)

I don't actually think anyone is threatening anyone and I've dated men AND women of all races so...

sorry I should have worded things better and I'll stay away from the comedy career from now on... >_>


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  • I don't like generalizing but I've personally known a couple white girl's who flat out say they dislike Asians because their boyfriends left them for an Asian girl. The ignorant aspect of that is if they had left them for a white girl they wouldn't start hating white girls. It's ignorance plain and simple because nobody belongs to anyone else based off of the color of our skin.

    Historically at least since the British empire, European colonialism and the rise and spread of American culture, Eurocentric beauty standards started spreading around the world. White women for like the past couple centuries at least have always had that going for them. Nowadays beauty standards are starting to balance and since the white stock is starting to decrease people get upset by that. Granted European beauty standards are still deeply entrenched unfortunately but it is changing. People are opening their eyes and starting to have many perspectives of beauty. There's more competition for white girl's nowadays and nobody likes more competition. White beauty privilege is slowly being chipped away and even though I'm a white guy, I see it as a great thing!

    I think we will see a lot more of these pairings in the future especially with the rise of Asian economies. Westerners and easterners want to visit each other's countries and learn each others languages more than ever before. Believe it or not but a lot of racial stereotypes and how we view race is greatly effected by living conditions throughout the world. I see this type of multiculturalism to be a good thing.


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  • Half my family is Asian so I hear a lot of racist comments from white women about "mail order brides" and how the men that marry Asian women aren't real men or else they would be able to get a white women. The thing is though, every single man they say that about WAS married to a white woman at one point in time, most of them have been married to several white women. And those white women were horrible wives/mothers and left those men to fuck up their own lives. Now those white women are living in trailers with their trashy meth dealer boyfriends and getting abused while the decent white men with money all have beautiful Asian wives.

    So yeah, they are legit threatened. The good men who have money are going abroad and leaving only the trashy drug addict men for white women to choose from. And it's the white women's fault because they left or ignored those white men so they could slut around and stay fucked up on meth/pills/etc.

    • you are brutally honest.. :)

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    • Just confirmed it, an Asian country has the lowest birth rate in the world. So no, Asians... Really are just workaholics! @Ananchor

    • @Ananchor I think you're partly right, upbringing has a lot to do with it, and white women aren't being told family is important. They're being told to rebel against men and get a job and be independent and sleep around and shit. And it's their moms and big sisters and teachers and older white women telling them that. Us men are not telling them that. Even if a white girl's mom tries teaching her conservative family values she'll likely rebel because her teachers and friends and every other woman she talks to will be teaching her to be an evil little slut. Sorry if that's harsh but honestly that is what you white women are teaching your daughters and little sisters to be. And that's why so many white men feel they have to go to the Philippines or Romania or Taiwan or some other country to get a wife. You don't see a ton of white women marrying foreign men, why is that?

  • This isn't a "thing" where I'm from, so I really have no clue.

    Anyway, usually the GaG mantra is that all non-white races are jealous of the white girls, so this at least puts a new twist on things.

  • This site is a bunch of skinny white dumb teens and not one of them would have the balls to use those ethnic slurs in real life. The internet is a good place for losers to get the little ego boost they can. I too have heard a lot with regard to indian and how we are smelly. midgets or sth lol. Just let it be. Let those retards have their time away from reality.

  • Typically Asian women are more likely to be thinner, petite, intelligent, and polite. All things that certain women, who want to make fat sexy, loud and oboxious attracted, and the whole attitude of Im a loud bitch, take my shit with a smile on your face, hate.

    Honestly, men findvthe first group extremely attractive. Rather than just accept this they simply attack any women like that and any man with them, in hopes of bullying them into somehow changing what they are or what they are attracted to.

    Its basically a lot of narcissism, they are superior in every way, men are often viewed as pigs, or subhuman, and exsist only to take their meanness with a smile on their face and be grateful for the opportunity. Anyone who disagrees is a threat and must be bullied.

    Ignore them, the hate you cause they ain't you lol.

  • They are mainly in denial of their ingrained racism and the racism in society.
    I find it fucking hilarious too. Good entertainment tbh, watching them reach so hard lol

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