Is it good if a girl opens up to you on a date?

I've been told it's good and I've been told it's bad. I was on a date with a girl and was asking her about herself. Questions about who she is and what she was about. She opened up and told me a lot of her relationship with her mom and some stuff she went through growing up. She talked about her special needs sister and things like that. I can see she has had some rough times. Now she didn't bring up other guys or stuff of old relationships. Don't get me wrong we had a lot of smiling and laughing going on at the same time. She was laughing the whole date other than the serious parts.

Is it good that she was willing to open up to me? Or do girls only do that with friends?


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  • I think it's a great sign! It sounds like you guys hit it off and that she's comfortable talking about everything with you. That's how my boyfriend and I first connected; we slowly built up a fun, open, trusting relationship by telling each other about the important things and people in our lives, including the bad/sad parts. We do open up to our friends about these things, of course, but it's rare to like a guy enough on the first date that we'd feel comfortable with sharing those personal things.

    However, you might want to do something to make it clear that you'd Iike to date her as opposed to just being her confidante. It doesn't have to be anything drastic - some compliments, more questions about her life and interests, and a kiss on the cheek/lips when you next see her are all she needs to know that you enjoyed hearing about her life and still want to be more than friends. Good luck :)

    • I did throw out some compliments and were teasing each other the whole time. It's interesting because she let me touch her arm at the elbow and she says she hates being touched but she didn't pull away.

      The problem is I asked if she was free next week. I got this response "Haha uhm maybe… lol just depends if I'm free cause I think I'm quite busy next week! Sorry!! Lol". I said no big deal just let me know if not and we'll do something another time. She said "sure!" I'm scared she is just letting me down easy. Even though I know she is busy and she did this the first time I asked her out.

    • That touching thing definitely makes it seem like she likes you :)

      In terms of that text... she's probably just trying not to sound too eager. Maybe she's not used to talking that much about herself with a guy and feels like she needs to relax. If you haven't heard back from her in a day or two, send her another message saying you had a great time and you're looking forward to seeing her again.

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  • It's be a little weird on a first date, but if you've been dating awhile, it's probably not unexpected for her to open up. It's a sign of building trust.

    • So is it bad if it happens on the first date?

    • We've know each other for a few months

    • No, but it's unusual to share things like that on the first date. First date is like a job interview. You see how things go, and if they go well, you slowly open up more and more with each new date. Since you've known each other for awhile, she may feel more comfortable with you already than a "normal" first date where you're just getting acquainted. So, in your case, it's entirely possible it's what she's wanted to say for a long time and it all just came out.

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  • It is a positive thing.


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  • when a gal opens up to u then i believe she either considers u just agood friend or she likes u... but u need other signs to tell if she considers u just a friend though in my opinion

  • It's a sign that she likes you and feels like you are trustworthy, you can decide whether or not you feel like it is weird.

    • I don't think it's weird. I've just been told that it means she only thinks is me as a friend.

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