Why are good guys targeted as being these "awful guys?"

I hear how good guys are "in reality... spineless, wimpy, manipulative jerks, etc." I've heard it all. or how girls seem to think good guys are just another threatening guy that is out to get them, when they end up going with the bad boy anyway, that is ACTUALLY the real threatening one they should be worried about...

in my experiences, I've only felt like a bad person for being a good guy, any girl I've shown any sort of interest in, whether friends or more, if I don't know them already, they've all lied to me and chickened out of meeting up together and hanging out. I'm a good guy, I'm not out for sex or to use a woman, I just want to spend time with a girl and hopefully make a good impression on her as she gets to know me. and I do my best to fight for the girl I like, repeated put myself out there if I have to... sex should be saved for marriage imo, so really I'm just looking for a friend when pursuing a girl from the get go. that's all I expect her to see me as too, I don't care if she wants to bang me at first sight, because I don't wanna bang her at first sight either, as long as we find each other attractive and can respect each other enough to wait for each other, that's what I'm looking for...

I try to be real and honest and upfront, and nice and friendly, and treat someone how I'd like to be treated... with respect and love, and I seem to somehow be portrayed as a bad guy to girls, when they just go off and date the real bad guys anyway. they seem legitimately paranoid of me. and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, when all I'm looking for is a quality, loving relationship that I want to last.

I mean, we're called good guys for a reason. I don't see how suddenly good guys just out of the blue later in life become marriage material when right now, it's like I'm not even datable material to girls... I mean, I think its just immature people being immature, if they understood WHY a good guy is shy, and nice, and tells the truth and is upfront, and a little weird with girls, maybe they'd think we're brave and REAL strong men that know how to feel and conquer our fears, instead of being wimpy and weak and spineless. doesn't it take some courage to open up and be around that special person you like? how about opening up about your feelings and facing rejection? its so scary when you really admire someone and only want the best for them and care about them... while bad boys are smooth and manipulate and lie and cheat, or get a girl pregnant and bail... who's the REAL man? :/

and I try to be the best I can for someone and give them what I feel they deserve, but its like I'm just a bad guy to them. even a new friendship with a girl I have trouble getting to know them. I feel so misunderstood its ridiculous. I just try to be loyal, trustworthy, show as much confidence as possible around someone that gives me that weak-in-the-knees feeling... and it's like I'm just a bad boy to them? what gives?
Why are good guys targeted as being these "awful guys?"
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