What are some innocent text that can turn a guy on?


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  • "I just got out of the shower"
    "Hang on, I'm changing real quick"
    "Shoot! I just spilled my drink all over me... hold on I have to clean it up. I'm completely soaked."
    "I loved how you looked today."
    "I thought you looked really hot when I got to see you working out, today..."
    "I may have been watching you today while you were at work... Especially when you were walking away..."
    That's a few that I'd probably be turned on really fast even if she didn't realize she was saying them to me or that they could come off as turn ons.


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  • I am thinking about you :)

    • oh lol !!! Definitely this one.
      Last time a girl told me this, i thought she was playing me but i admit that it really turned me on

    • it worked right? :) it is cute and also innocent to tell someone you are thinking about them :) @chikitou1

    • Yep. It surprises the guy and it's so flattering.

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  • What you wearing?
    You naked?
    I really liked that shirt you had on yesterday
    You looked really nice today

    lol things I say to my boyfriend


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