Asking out an inexperienced girl who is like a deer?

I'm a senior in high school. There is a girl I like in my grade who I'm sort of lost with. I'm pretty inexperienced, haven't had my first kiss or ever dated a girl, but I'm coming off a long-lasting complicated incident with someone else. Almost all my friends are girls and she is a pretty good friend of mine. She is quirky, awesome, kind, cute (kind of good-looking but she's beautiful to me), and secretly the funniest girl in our grade.

About 6 weeks ago we hung out at the house of a different girl friend and while we were watching a movie I had my arm around her and she was basically lying on top of me.

One weekend in the Hamptons she invited me to her house at 1045 pm. I couldn't go but I sort of saw this as a sign even though she is even more inexperienced than me, very innocent, an over thinker, and a bit shy. I went over the next day sort of expecting something, like to get closer, maybe make a move to indicate that I like her, or just even cuddle with her. We chilled and we were pretty much alone, and we watched a movie at like 930 alone, but every time I tried to get closer to her it seemed like she inched away. It was weird but I actually ended sleeping over in an empty room because it had gotten pretty late. The whole thing was a bit awkward. I thought maybe she was nervous.

A week later we were planning on hanging out and we were both excited to hang out together but she cancelled last minute because she had too much work but I found out that later that day she hung out with another friend. Over the next week or two I texted her a few times to talk or just show her something funny, but she didn't respond to anything. At school it was mostly normal and we talked some, but there were a few weird vibes.

I found out a few weeks later from a good friend that is also friends with this girl but I can trust her, that this girl knows I like her, not sure how. She has always told my friend that she wants a boyfriend and my friend told her this was hypocritical. The thing is, she doesn't know how to deal with a guy liking her so she retreats. Last guy who asked her out suddenly 2 years ago who she barely knew, she avoided eye contact with him for months because she got freaked out and didn't know what to do. I left this alone for a while and was going to ask her to hang out these last few days of spring break when I thought we were both going to be in the Hamptons and try to ask her out or ask her to prom so I texted her today asking to hang out and she responded but it turns out she isn't in the Hamptons.

I don't want to frighten or overwhelm her but I also do want to corner her and not give her room to skitter around this like she has. I want to make her comfortable, but at the same time I want to finally ask her out, end this game of prancing and running away, and hopefully get a yes. How do I deal with this? What do I do?
Asking out an inexperienced girl who is like a deer?
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