I took him for granted now I don't hear much from him?

I took him for granted when he was the one who always did the planning and texting. I stopped replying to his snapchats as he was constantly sending me them and I never reached out for him. I could go days without talking even a week this one time then two weeks without actually seeing him. He has pointed out many times that he never hear from me and I took him for granted when he always was available. We have started drifting apart and I do not want that. Now that I know how it feels I have reached out for him more, we talked a little but yeah we don't talk much anymore. He said that he wants to hear from me it's not really over but it's not exactly fun right now. I don't know what to do I guess all I can do is wait for him to reach out for me now because I don't want to be annoying. It just makes me sad even though it's my fault, I did not expect it to be this way. Now I sit and wait just like he was waiting for me, or he completely lost interest but he still answer my texts. It's not over right?


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  • It is over. Say goodbye, and try to give a shit nextime XD.

  • Guys are pretty objective in this regard.
    Once you ignore them, they will chase u for a while but after that they think u are not interested in him or u found someone better than him.
    Better luck next time, and stop playing mind games.

    • But we still make plans?

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