Some good conversation starters via text - that don't suck and actually get you somewhere?

So my boyfriend and I have a great relationship, but sometimes we run out of things to talk about. Plain and simple, pretty common. What are some good conversation starters/questions to talk about and get the conversation rolling again? trying to avoid the usual "hey" "What's up" "How are you" "what'd you do today" etc etc texts. Thanks!


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  • Whether your talking to a guy or a girl, conversation will often go nowhere if one person isn't trying. That said, the easiest way to get a conversation flowing is ask them something about themselves. Especially in text, if you make a statement without giving them an opening, conversation gets kinda hard. If you get them talking about themselves, it's much easier. Instead of "oh today I went and did ___", try adding a question of them at the end.

    Assuming your reasonably familiar with each other, e. g. you've known each other more than a couple months, try sending them a funny picture of something you both like. Ask them advice on something, even if you don't need it. If you recently had some kind of interaction with someone they know/sports team/family, open with that ("oh hey I ran into ___, they're your friend aren't they?""howd you get to meet them anyway?").

    Key thing is ask them questions and be ok with NOT talking about yourself for enough time that conversation flows.


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  • Do you also enjoy air?😎works every time


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  • Instead of asking, "What are you up to?" take initiative and tell him what's going on in your life that day. Be like, "Hey, just got home from [blank]" and then add in something about how it went. Tell him a story, if you have one.

    You can also text him pictures of things you find funny/cute/interesting/weird. Bam, instant conversation starter.

    You can also ask him a random question. Who's your favorite band? What's your favorite show at the moment? What's your favorite animal? What's your favorite zoo animal?

    Say something random. Tell him you're so excited for [movie] to come out, for example.

    Of course you can also say lovey-dovey things like, "I miss you" or "I wish we were cuddling right meow," if you guys are into that.

  • Spending too much time texting ruins relationships just keep things short and simple and use texting as a way to plan a date


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