I haven't heard from my 'boyfriend' for a 1 month now. Do I send him a message?

Long story short, I was seeing this one guy for a couple of weeks and he was meant to go back to his home country for 2 months (or maybe more as he hadn't booked his return ticket). He's going to start university in September again so he is coming back. But prior to him leaving, he told me that I was allowed to see other guys if I wanted to. He also said that he wished that we had been together longer or that he had met him after his trip abroad. He also said that he really liked me and would like to see me again after he came back.

We decided to keep in touch for a couple of weeks after he went away through facebook. He even apologised to me for not being in touch more often, as there was often not any Internet at the places that he went to. But I have seen that he's been online on Viber pretty often and I know his country isn't backwards in any way (e. g. without Internet)

It's been over a month now since I last spoke with him and don't know where I stand with him at all. I kind of feel a bit embarrassed to send him a message to hear how he's doing, as he might have slept or met other girls since we last spoke.

Do I send him a message or should I wait until he comes back to see if he'll contact me?


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  • One thing to frame in your mind, you're single right now. He is too. At least, that's how he seems to think.

    Since he made an effort to stay in touch, he probably wants to get back together with you when he returns to school, but right now he's on vacation and is probably distracted. Don't take it personally.

    That said, I don't see a problem with sending him a message. Just don't send like a whole bunch or be super serious. :)


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  • I would try to reach him. Maybe a quick message though, not a long email or anything.


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  • If you cared about him, you would try to reach him...

    • I have done that in the past. I've been the one who's reached out to him on most occasions. The last time I did, he read my message and didn't reply until a day later which didn't make me wanna do that again...

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