I've been ghosted by my boyfriend of 5 months without any explanation - why?

I am absolutely devastated and have been completely blindsided. My boyfriend was meant to come over on Tuesday, we were talking normally on Monday up to that point, he overslept on Thursday and Friday but said he'd make up for it on Tuesday. It gets to Tuesday and it's 1.30, i realise he's still asleep so i call him, he answers me saying "im up now", 2 hours go by i call him a few times again and see he's active on social media so i send him a message saying i am hurt he hasn't shown up and that he should man up and break up properly (as its now the end of the day) no response but active on social media. It gets to Wednesday and he hasn't opened any of my msgs, so i send him an angry farewell message to which he doesn't even open and delete him off everything, but his snapscore keeps going up. Haven't heard from him since.

This was someone who begged me to stay with him at the beginning and was consistently interested in me till that day he was meant to come over, he promised me so many things that we'd together and was so into me. We never fought, he was so shy and reserved with sex so I know its not another woman and he never hid his phone around me. I have been super depressed and crying, i stalk his profile and see he is posting pictures of himself but i also see he has unfollowed a load of people. No idea as to why he's done this, recently he's sleeping pattern has been awful which i know to be true. Last Friday he was double texting me and apologising for one late text and then Tuesday he tosses me out of his life like i meant nothing to him - the last message i ever received from him was "i'm up". I've been trying to come up with reasons in my head, like he decided he couldnt be bothered with a relationship anymore. But to just ghost someone youve been with for 5 months/talk to EVERY day? I've never been this hurt so bad before. We are both 21.
I've been ghosted by my boyfriend of 5 months without any explanation - why?
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