Should I text my crush randomly?

I have a crush on a girl in my school, I don't know here very well though. I would like to get to know her better but I am pretty shy talking to her and I dont see her a lot since she's not in my class anymore. I sometimes talk with her during a free hour, but we have those in the same time only one time in a week. I would like to talk to her during lunch breaks but she usually hangs around with the same people somewhere, I do know them but when I go stand there I don't really get into conversation, and its pretty awkward if I just stand there I think... So I was thinking about randomly texting her to talk to her a bit, but I dont want to come over weirdly. I'm not the most attractive guy and I'm pretty quiet. So should I just randomly text her or not? And what could I say without her finding it weird?
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So I finally texted her, but she didn't respond... Maybe she just doesn't have my number and didn't know who I was, or maybe she thought it was really weird that I texted her? So I sent a new message and told her that I texted the wrong number, because the names started with the same letter. I probably really messed it up...
Should I text my crush randomly?
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