Should I text my crush randomly?

I have a crush on a girl in my school, I don't know here very well though. I would like to get to know her better but I am pretty shy talking to her and I dont see her a lot since she's not in my class anymore. I sometimes talk with her during a free hour, but we have those in the same time only one time in a week. I would like to talk to her during lunch breaks but she usually hangs around with the same people somewhere, I do know them but when I go stand there I don't really get into conversation, and its pretty awkward if I just stand there I think... So I was thinking about randomly texting her to talk to her a bit, but I dont want to come over weirdly. I'm not the most attractive guy and I'm pretty quiet. So should I just randomly text her or not? And what could I say without her finding it weird?
So I finally texted her, but she didn't respond... Maybe she just doesn't have my number and didn't know who I was, or maybe she thought it was really weird that I texted her? So I sent a new message and told her that I texted the wrong number, because the names started with the same letter. I probably really messed it up...


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  • It appears that you have her number, @Ma173, so Giving Out something this personal, it seems she didn't mind that you Use it.
    Go ahead and send light and semi sweet text. No one says you have to blow up her phone with day in and day out words, but sending her a message even daily with a "hi," may get you a seat at lunch with the bunch.
    Looks are Not everything, never forget these wise words as well. However, Personality and being a bit social with shine, is the Best from the Rest.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you :)!

    • So welcome and thanks for the UPVOTE.:)) xxoo

    • Oh, so welcome, @Ma173 and thank you so much for the Vote of Confidence and the Upvote as well.:)) xxoo

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  • You should definitely text her. Be casual and ask her how she is, or how was her day, how were her classes, and let the conversation flow from there.

    • thanks for the advise

  • Yes, text her!

    • Thanks for the advise

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  • Yes, do it. People um and ah and don't do things because they worry about things going wrong. If you like her, text her. Your 16, and it's probably not going to be particularly serious. Experience is good, just do it (I'm not on commission from Nike btw)

    • haha you made me laugh (you're not Shia Labeouff either are you?) Thanks for the advise though!

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