Crush giving mixed signals

So I've been interested in this guy for months and we finally started talking in the beginning of the year. To sum it up, we have yet to hang out, but he always comes to my job with his friends when I'm working with no intent to buy anything but pretend to shop and talk to me here and there.

Recently, I stopped texting him first because I wanted to see what he would do. He came to my job the day after I sent him a text and talked to me about everything he was doing that week and brought stuff. His friend brought stuff too and I was helping her and I could clearly see and feel him staring at me a lot and he even hugged me, but I kind of blew him off because I wasn't in the best of moods, even though I joked around with his friends. That following week, I didn't text him at all and that weekend, he did not bother to show up to my job. I felt bad that I blew him off that day and then didn't text him, so I randomly texted him a question and he immediately responded.

During this past week, though, I saw he posted a picture of him hanging out with another one of his crushes and then made a status saying, "You know you friends like someone when they tell you not to f*** it up." So, being me, I figured I'd just get over him and move on. Yesterday, he happened to show up at my job with his friends. I didn't expect to see him, but as soon as I walked to the front, he turned around like he knew I was there and said hi to me and I said hi back and went about my job until his other friend said hi to me, too. I made conversations here and there with him, but his friend was doing the most talking/arguing/joking with me.

At one point, my crush broke his sunglasses and I was teasingly pushing a sunglasses promotion on his friend. My crush, who wasn't around us at the time, came over slowly and kept repeating himself saying, "I'm gonna cry" and I played along telling his friend to buy him sunglasses or he's going to cry. Then my crush started to talk about the jewelry he brought from my job the last time I saw him, but not to me, but to his friend, but was talking like he was indirectly talking to me. During the rest of his visit, it was like he was saying things to get my attention weird things about himself (ie: "You're getting me that bracelet?I have girlie wrists, though") and I was jokingly arguing with his friend and he was watching and laughing.

There were also points he was staring at me and he was making strong eye contact when I would say things to him, but I'm not sure if I should even consider putting my focus on him now that I'm mentally moving on from liking him. My question is: Do you think he's still interested or should I continue to push my focus on other guys?
Crush giving mixed signals
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