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My crush is giving me mixed signals. What should I do?

So my crush has recently stopped texting me and snapping me and I have asked him why and he still didn't respond but he keeps looking at my Snapchat stories. But when I saw him, he kept looking at me. He went near me, walked next to me, he watched what I was doing, I saw him looking at me and when I was just standing he stood next to someone but was also standing next to me but then he positioned himself to be facing me and he kept looking at me, like he had full view of me. Other times when I see him he does like the same thing, looks at me, goes near me, but he doesn't talk to me but he can talk to other people. I don't know if he is shy to talk to me. Another time I saw him as he walked past me he put his head down and then after he passed me he looked up again. That same time I also saw him look twice at me and when I looked at him he didn't quickly turn his head but he kept looking. Like I don't get why he has left me on seen but he is always looking at me in person. I don't know if I should just try and text or snap him again or talk to him in person but I am shy. But I am confused on what to do.
My crush is giving me mixed signals. What should I do?
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