She rejected me but now wants me? What should I even do at this point?


I'm in sort of a confusing dilemma right now. I met this girl back in September and we immediately hit it off. We texted almost every day and became best friends pretty quickly. I knew at one point she was interested, but I played it cool. However, after some time, it flip-floped, and I chased her. I ended up making my move a couple months later and she put her head down, and politely rejected me. I was crushed, but acted like it was okay to avoid embarrassment. For the next two months, I stopped contact, I wasn't a jerk to her, but just didn't show interest (which killed me but I knew it was what I had to do). Now, this semester, she can't stop staring at me. At a party a couple weeks ago, she finally had the courage to talk to me, and we hit it off, just like we had way back then. We communicate extremely flirty, but she knows I'm expanding my options a little bit and talking to different women. Now, we've began to get extremely closer, and we went to a couple bars and danced and had a great time, but I didn't make my move because honestly, I'm frightened to death. I don't want to get rejected again because I remember the pain last time, but I am so into her and I "think" she's into me this time around. I want to just grab her and kiss her, but there's so much hurt from the last time around, so I resist and send her mixed signals. I will say, she has acted a lot more attracted to me since I stopped giving her the spotlight and my attention. Help! Girls honest input would be amazing
She rejected me but now wants me? What should I even do at this point?
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