My crush suddenly changed?

I know this guy for 4 years now i like him from the first time i met him in a coffeeshop and i think he liked me back he left the city, now he's back after 2 years i found his number and texted him he was so excited and he said i look a lot different now and really beautiful and he said he would want to meet me if that's okay with me i said it is but we stopped talkinh about it, we chatted up few times but he never said anything about meeting so I brought up the idea i said im leaving city in 2 weeks we can meet before that he said he'll let me know i said okay but he didn't text me anymore :( and im leaving in few days why would he not answer? Im getting crazy i love him so much i can't get over him and that i can't message him anymore coz he had a reason for not answering and i dunno what it is just help me it's killing me especially with the fact that he's always online
My crush suddenly changed?
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