How to confirm a date?

As above guys, I just want to confirm whether a date will take place before I prepare for it.

I don't want to be left hanging at the last moment, that's all.

And what if the girl doesn't reply? LOL I think we all know what that means


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  • Reverse-psych it. Call/text saying you're going to be late, see what she says.

    • She doesn't reply?

      Flake. Teach her some manners for not getting back to you (or having the balls to put you down)

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  • Most guys usually text or call saying something like "Just wanted to make sure we are still on for Saturday" and then they will usually say "good I'll call you when I'm on my way or I'll meet you there at whatever time." If the girl said yes she would go out with you and you made plans I'm sure she is looking forward to seeing you and may even be feeling the same way you are. Doing this will ease both of your minds. Hope this helps! Hope your date goes well!

  • Tell her you'll see her on _________. If she says ok, then you know the date is still standing


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  • sending a text is always helpful.

    something along the lines of "hey, still on for tonight?" or "hope you're ready for a great time out tonight" would work. This way she has to reply and if she doesn't and leaves you hanging she'll be a total douche and will probably feel bad about it. So it's like her chance to opt out if she wants