Kiss him then walk away?

there is this guy Row and we had been friends and all right but then some rumors got around that we had been having sex and all right? well we didn't so after we got all that fixed and stuff we didn't talk for a week but then I though I had to do some thing, I had to let him know that I liked him, so I told him that I liked him and he smiled and we really haven't talked after that and me and some friends where talking and I was thinking "hey why don't I just go up to him and kiss him then walk away" he is single and all. is this a good idea, guys what would you do if i/someone came up to you and did that? what do you think will happen? ask if you want to know more.


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  • To answer your question my friend…. And I’m sorry I haven’t checked up on your as I should have. You’ve posted this awhile ago. But anyway…. It sounds like he likes you; by the way his reaction was when you told him you liked him.

    Now there are steps in order to become closer if you feel something for him. I’d start to hang out with him, start to become friends little by little, and maybe take him on a date. Because if you can get past that point in which you know his likes you, and you like him then start dating. Now the answer your question in more detail….

    I’d start dating him first, rather than “kiss him, and walk away”. Kissing him is something he might enjoy, but I think it’s a little to fast in my views. As your other comment to your question “ a kiss is a bit too much for guys”. In someway I agree with that comment… I think if you want to kiss someone, why not have it in a place in which it’s comfortable for both of you? Date a few times, and really find out if he actually likes you, and when dating him you can start to see if a kiss would be the right thing. Because I feel a kiss is very symbolic, it’s meaningful, and compassionate, and it’s a sign of that love. I believe that a kiss brings out more of the relationship, but at this point, where is the relationship? You two are friends right now, but the friendship hasn’t grown into the part in which a kiss should come.

    Anyway I hope things work out, and what ever happens is for a reason….

    Much love

  • hey, first you have to be sure that he likes you, and that the only reason he hasn't made the first move is because his shy or doesn't know how to, so try to come up with way to be sure that he likes cause a kiss is a bit too much for some guys


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