I have a crush on this beautiful Chinese girl , I'm an Indian guy... Would she ever love me?

Okay , I'm an Indian guy living in Germany and I have a crush on this beautiful Chinese girl in my university. She is single ! However , after reading many posts here , I'm afraid She would reject me because of my race as Indian guys are very stereotyped here.

To be honest , I'm not a stereotypical Indian guy ( Dark skinned , rude with women , ... ) .

I really want to know what opinion do Chinese girls have about Indian guys. If there is anything you gnerally don't like about Indian guys , Please comment below so I could correct them !

I like her so much ! Wish me good luck :)



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  • You want to change yourself just so you can get a date with this girl? Wrong attitude!

    • No , We are good friends already but I'm quite nervous to propose her.

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  • Only god knows


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  • You should marry within your own caste...

    • Dude , please stop stereotyping about the caste stuff ! please

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    • I'm a Hindu , and a Vegetarian !

    • According to almost every culture & religion since the beginning of time, similar things have been said about women all over the world. We westerners are now paying the heavy price of women's liberation. Advice:


      True love and all that bullshit is for the feminist movies. Arranged marriages are the best and the patriarchy is there for good reason.

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