What does it mean when ur dating a guy who's affectionate in the first 2 weeks and after that it's kinda faded away even in text Help?

He was sweet and cute and sent me adorable mushy messages but lately We text like buddies or those people who can't hold a good convo, I like him but sometimes he'll say things that make me roll my eyes but I don't show it, and it gets so boring in messages that sometimes i
pretend in busy but I'm not so I don't text back, any advice


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  • Is this the friends with benefits guy you were doing?

    • No new guy haha

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    • Yeah be even called me while I was with him saying I can do better

    • I was being sarcastic yo

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  • Well that's rough.. That fast?
    Seems like he's just lost interest. Have you slept with him yet? Maybe he was just in it to win it and now he's ready to move on. There's this thing where guys are acting all distant and boring to try to get YOU to break up with THEM...
    I can't say for certain - only he can - but see what's up with that. Definitely weird.

    • No because he took me out to a romantic expensive steak dinner and seemed so into me then and was asking me all serious so what do you think about us I said I think we'll be good with a :) im starting to think he said all
      That to win me over to be his girl and now
      That he has me not as much effort is needed u know?

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    • Damn that was deep lol I understand I
      May sound whinny again but I'm literally scared to say this issue on my
      Mind because I've never been in a serious relationship he's had a few, were very different in that area/dating/relationships

    • No need to feel scared. If you let your fear paralyze you you'll never truly be satisfied with your life. =)
      Also - if you can't be honest with someone you're dating... how can you be honest with someone that means less to you than that person? Honesty truly is the best thing for everyone - the best shot to get what you want.
      Haha Thank you. xD

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  • Texting for most guys is really exhausting and is not as fun as it is for women. He probably was doing that early on to win your heart but didn't think he'd have to continue doing it indefinitely.

    • I understand that but I mean being his new girlfriend I expected a little more with the "honeymoon" phase they call it being so into wachother right? Or I guess he really did just say all that to be his...

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