Demisexual partner?

So my girlfriend recently told me that she was demisexual after we had a sexual interraction. I looked up a lot of videos and the definition and i understand what it means but i have few questions and concerns about it. My main question being will she ever feel sexual desire towards me as our relationship progresses with it being a true and real thing or will it only be something where she feels the need to "please my needs"? One of my concerns is how i should be showing my affection towards her. Before she told me that she was demisexual we would kiss A LOT but i dont want to make out with her like we do if she isn't enjoying it. Some suggestions that i have got from videos is to have a conversation with my girlfriend to know eachothers needs in the relationship and if thats something that i should do, what kind of things do we talk about? Thanks for the help!
Demisexual partner?
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