Are older Men virgins an instant turnoff?

I'm 30 and a virgin. Social anxiety has made it VERY difficult for me to even find a girl who likes me. However if it happens I want to have sex.

I was reading about older guys who are virgins and opinions of women what they thought. I lost faith in the human race for what I read.

Many women found this an instant turn off, and said they would leave the guy if they found this out. Reasons were inexperience equals bad sex, or it must mean something is wrong with him if he hasn't gotten any yet.

In my case my anxiety has affected my social experience and probably I do come off as low confidence or mabye just a turn off for women. But is rejecting me because of that really ok? My body works perfectly fine, I have a high desire for sex and to be in a relationship. I am not selfish and can care about someone else. Why is being a virgin an automatic no when you don't even know me?

Im going to be honest I'm scared right now. I cannot accept never having sex, death would be better than that at this point. But if women are going to reject me because I'm 30 and a Virgin and I've never even gotten to date or be in a relationship is there really any hope at all?
If this is true society makes me sick, if women don't have to cook or choose not to have kids and still can get a partner and get married, why can't male virgins have equal opportunities?
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Are older Men virgins an instant turnoff?
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