Boyfriend goes clubbing every weekend?

he's always went clubbing every weekend (even before dating me) and i only used to go once in a while, we met at a club and started dating 1 year and 2 months ago. At the start i was okay with it, but now its just getting a bit frustrating
He goes out clubbing every Friday and works at a club every Saturday
Its a long distance relationship, and he's 24 and im 21...
His excuse is that he works everyday of the week and clubbing is the only time he gets to see all his friends without having to spend money (he doesn't drink/pays for entry into the club)
im an insecure person and knowing that we met at a club and started dating just makes me wonder if he could possibly do the same thing :/


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  • I hate to say it, but you sound a little hypocritical of your boyfriend seeing as you knew he went to clubs every week before you met him, and you personally met him at a club, and now you're upset that's he's doing... exactly what he did before he met you. You can't expect him to really change and odds are if you needle him about it, he's going to move on. You have to really either accept the man you signed up for or decide that you can't handle or don't want that type of long distance clubbing relationship in your life.

    • I understand what you mean and im angry at myself for feeling that way too, but he's had so many things happen in the club before... he used to hook up with random girls and thats his fun for the night until he met me and decided to settle down.
      But im just afraid that this going to the club every weekend will make him go back to his old days i guess :/

    • That's why I said at the end of my comments, you have to make the choice if who he is or who you think he is, is just too much for you to handle... and there is nothing wrong with that, but you again, have to keep in mind, this is who he was when you met him and if that isn't something you want, then the choice is yours to move on, but you can't blame him for being who he is/was.

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