Is Tinder an accurate representation of ones attraxtiveness?

I'm a decent looking guy I'd say, my face and eyes get regular compliments the only real drawbacks I have physically are A im skinny, even after working out months I didn't gain any mass and doctors even told me with my hyperbolic system it's just my build, still Im not some pencil neck so I have a bit of tone at least and B I have to shave my head bald since I lost a lot of hair to a stress condition as a kid, so I get I won't be everyone's cup of tea but still I've like hundreds of girls pictures within 5 years of age and 100 miles and only got like 5-8 REAL matches (I was being pretty picky like I am in real life though so they were all more attractive)-now don't get me wrong I don't expect to meet a girlfriend on Tinder but it makes me feel a bit self conscious of how many must have 'swiped left' I've been told by some friends this is because I don't have tinder plus which helps by putting you out there more but still I live within a hundred miles of three big colleges, so people should I be worried or is tinder a load of crap really in terms of judging your own attractiveness
No, Tinder doesn't really reflect reality in that regard enough that it should worry you with those few of matches
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With those few of matches, yes it should concern you some
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I honestly don't like these apps at all
Is Tinder an accurate representation of ones attraxtiveness?
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