Why do girls always ghost me?

For instance, I really hit it off with this cute girl while taking the SAT and got her number, the second I started texting her, we barely spoke, though, I also know she works a lot, so, I dunno, it just bothers me... this isn't the first time, there was this girl I really hit it off with on tinder that ghosted me then unmatched me, another girl who friendzoned me by ghosting me... honestly, this is why I can't trust girls.
Well, she blocked my number, know what, fuck it, I don't care what anyone says about "bitterness" I hate girls, they're all the same and all treat me like shit


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  • Then you should've got by now that you're doing something wrong.

    • How, girls don't tell me shit, they just fucking insult me or lie to me, because that's all they can do

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    • The truth? That I'm not disgusting, or not lesser, or not worthless? Hmm, well... I'd say the end result doesn't conform to this idea

    • Give an example to their excuses what do they say?

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