Is it weird to say my girlfriend likes to cuddle too much?

Her idea of cuddling is spooning, making out the entire time and constant hugging. It's cool I guess but yesterday I was receiving from a night out with my friends and only slept 5 hours before a bartending shift then I had a online final. I was dozing off cause my redbull wore off and I crashed. So i started to pass out on her shoulder/breast area and she told me I better not fall asleep and kept tickling and kissing me to keep me from sleeping. I didn't want to call her out so I went with it but I was pissed.


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  • What's weird is that you can't be upfront to her and tell her that you really need to sleep. If she's a good girlfriend, she'll understand and leave you alone. Also it wouldn't hurt to tell her that you need some space every once in a while. You should be honest about your thoughts. Not brutally hones though, there's always a nice and respectful way to express yourself.

    • Idc about leaving me alone she had me passing out in her arms and I could have slept on her shoulder and we could have been close but instead I got mad.

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    • I guess I didn't because we haven't dated long enough to really stand my ground.

    • It's not about standing your ground, it's literally just saying "hey honey I'm really sleepy right now so is it ok if we just chill like this in silence? Thanks"

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  • If it's interfering with your daily life, you have to let her know that she needs to cool it. Your happiness matters just as much as hers does.

    • Itndid yesterday I just had to pass out I was so dead lol. I mean I thought girls liked it when a guy felt comfortable enough with them that they let her rock them to sleep.

    • Many girls do like that, but your girlfriend should understand when it's too much.

  • It's not weird at all. My boyfriend also think I like to cuddle too much. Though, there is a difference between wanting it a little too much and pissing you off because of it.
    I want to cuddle too much with my boyfriend but I also know not to bother him if he's tired.

    • I was beyond tired cause i had little sleep and crashed from all of he redbull tongrt me through the day.

    • That's what I understood and in such a situation, she should understand that it's not the moment to cuddle.

  • Just tell her you don't always want to cuddle... if she's not too sensitive she should understand


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  • Well you obviously should have told her that "I have a busy shift tomorrow and I'm tired as heck, sorry" and then maybe she wouldn't have to be a mindreader to know that you had a problem.

  • That's not uncommon, girls feel like you're being neglectful if you sleep around them, even if they know you're tired but made the effort to see them. It's better to just fuck it off and sleep alone.

    • Yeah plus I drove 35 minutes just to see her so the least she could do is let me sleep at her place. She was holding me and should enjoy me feeling comfortable enougharound her to see me "vulnerable".

    • Women's minds work differently man, they don't see shit logically and fairly like we do! lmao

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