He blocked me after the first date?

So. I met him like a month ago, and we got along great. From weird norwegian comedy, up to music, we had a lot in common. We consecutively wrote each other over three weeks, getting on really well, making stupid inside jokes, and generally just yeah. We had it going on.
Then yesterday we had our first date, I went over to his place and we watched some British Tv shows we're both fond of.
Now, today he ignored me, and then wrote
"If that was you on your best behaviour yesterday, then just,... wow. And no, not gonna happen."
I was pretty hurt, and I asked him to clarify what he meant, which he first went on to ignore. I asked again, and again. And yeah, again. Until he just said "we're too different"
I thought well, ok. If you say so, after meeting once? But it's his choice right, I can't blame him for just.. not feeling it.
The thing that really wound me up, is that after that statement. He blocked me on whatsapp. Fair enough, I sometimes do that when I don't like people. Well, no. I delete their number. But whatever works. And then I found out that instead of unfriending me, he also blocked me on facebook.

Now I'm sorry, but if you're not interested, but you still have a lot of similarities, I'd think friendship would still be part of the game. But instead he acts like I shat in his washing machine,
I just don't get this behavior, and I'm afraid someone might have bad mouthed me (his roommate is friends with a girl who kinda just took it as her lifejob to ruin mine bc of a childish feud we had 6 years ago)

What do I do now? Or just... why?
He blocked me after the first date?
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