Do girls like rich guys with muscles?

In high school I was trying to figure out why girls dont like me. I thought I was a decent looking guy, and I am really nice to everyone, but especially girls. So I hit the gym and started working out, and now 3 years later I have a six pack, a swimmers body, and look really muscular (although not like those body builders, they are too muscular). Anyway the internet led me to believe that women like rich muscular guys... well I come from money, and when I graduate college in May I'll be making double what most people my age are making, and I am now muscular from working out, and I still get zero interest from women. Whats the deal here, what am I doing wrong? Just reading through what the internet says women like muscular rich guys, and yet here I am getting nowhere with them.
Do girls like rich guys with muscles?
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