Can a girl touch my body with acne?

I have acne. Severe acne. Body acne but not your average acne guy. Probably thousands covering my face. They're not big. Most of them can't be felt. For 7 years and I have changed opinion so so so much.

From being shy and quiet. (Watch "he was a quiet man")

Then desperation to attract girls.

Then wanting revenge on them like rejecting them or using them sexually.

Then my face cleared up at least 70% but it got back to 50% and 50% is still called severe. So now I had hope for 1-2 years up to college first semester.

Then I started feeling insecure. Not shy or quiet but insecure.

Then having hopes again and at the end insecurity hits me when I thought I beaten my insecurity by going to the beach alone with no shirt, running with no shirt. It still hits me. I don't think having acne is the problem. Is finding one that wants to feel your skin. I am sure I am not filled up with a girl just wanting to hang out with me, talk to me, help me but still not touching me.

So about months ago I thought of aislaiting from friends and mostly girls. Convincing me I can live alone which I could but I think having acne showed up that it's something like my destiny to get a girl to feel attracted to me even with acne. To be the best I can be with the worst case scenario. I'm to the point where I feel I CAN'T do anything else to improve my looks so I guess it's over. I just have to keep looking for something so f rare these days and I'm scared. I'm not scared of not getting a girlfriend but scared of how much it will take. How many rejections I will have to accept. How much time will be wasted not even making friends with the girls I talk but I'm willing to see if I can get someone to go through everything bad that happens naturally and feel what I have been working so hard. Not just my personal house gym but overall. Hair, skin, teeth etc. I feel better now because of that but still it's not enough. I hope there is someone. I'll die inside if I fail before my acne clears up. I can't go back so I'm giving everything.

Is there someone? I'm 100% there is but not 100% if I'll find it.
Can a girl touch my body with acne?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, dem abs/arms/shoulders/everything!!!
    you're a very attractive young man. You've got nice features and very pretty eyes and hair. To be honest, that striked me before noticing your acne.
    Many many many girls won't give a flying fuck about your acne. I have a friend with the same situation and he's got a super hot girlfriend. I guess all you need is confidence - that's what really does make the difference. Focus on your assets, not your flaws.
    Besides, acne isn't forever!
    Good luck :)

    • I check out your profile. You commented on another thread from a guy asking if he could show up muscles in a dating profiles and what you commented. XD. I just wanted to see more about your point of view and how your point of view is different or the same (probably the best) in other topics.
      Thanks. You really just turned a switch on.
      English isn't my main language.
      If that's you in the profile picture you're pretty hot. Just to be fair lol.

    • Awww thanks sweety! and I'm always honest :)
      also English isn't my first language either, I'm Brazilian! (and that is me in my prof pic :) )

    • I have to got to Brazil then. Here sucks.

      Joking. I will try my best but only my best will only work.

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  • It isn't contagious

    • I don't think that's the point though.
      I don't know. I can't really be sure if guys or girls want to touch a girl/guy with acne as I think the reason I want to is because I went through as well.

    • Some aren't superficial and won't care about it

    • Yeah. Maybe I'm just really unlucky and met shallow girls... or tried with shallow and evaded the rest for whatever reason.

      Maybe a girl that is shy wants me and since the confident shallow girl started talking to me first I went for her instead.

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  • I've known quite a few people with severe acne, and they've been able to find people. I feel like a lot of people can overlook acne, even if it is severe. If they are touching you, they won't pay attention to the acne, they'll probably even forget it's there because they are focused on you.

    You might have to go through some rejection, then again, pretty much everyone does. It'll be okay though. Just try and keep your head up and be positive.

    • Always have your head looking up and your eyes looking straight.

  • Well, u look great! Honestly, u are very attractive and your acne it's definetely not somehing that will stop u from finding someone, I'm sure that there's a lot of girls out there that will be completely fine with that, its not much of a big deal. you look awesome, so don't worry :)

  • You look fine even with it. Id even go so far as to call you cute.
    As a girl that dealt with horrid face and body acne through her teens, I can promise you that I'm not grossed out by it, and that I'm not the only one. Smile a little brighter. You'll find a girl who's understanding and won't judge you for something you neither want nor control.

    • HA! I smile and laugh more than 100% people I know. DEAD serious.

    • Well, keep on doing what you're doing then. You haven't met the right one yet :)

  • I understand your pain. I used to have pretty severe acne clustered on my cheeks and shoulders (I still have it but it's not as bad on my face anymore). You're a good looking guy despite your acne and I don't think it will affect your chances of finding a girl too much.

  • It's such a shame that a pretty face like yours have this problem :(

    I'd date you.

    Beautiful teeth, great hair, awesome body. Amazing.

    You can get rid of this, though. Accutane they say works good, but go to the dermatologist first, you can't use them just like that, you need professional help.

    • yeah. When I said my acne cleared up to 70% I was taking accutane. Went through 4 months. I tried to leave my house. I was touching the door then something hit me and went back. Don't remember why and I pretty much should remember those days. Maybe stress makes you forget things atm. thanks god I didn't. It has been a big journey and I don't think accutane will help me during my study for biology lol.

    • So sad to hear, I have acne on my back and it also makes me feel insecure but I gotta admit is not very serious, I can imagine how you feel... Wish I could do more to help you but I really don't know about more skin products :/

      To answer your question... since you're a very hot guy, I think many girls would touch you without caring about that. So don't worry, you're a very attractive man.

  • I have bad acne to, so I wouldn't really care I don't think. you're attractive and seem sweet, so that's what matters right?

  • You look fine


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  • Yes, it's possible if a woman truly likes you, loves you then she will not care about these factors.

  • All you need is to talk to your doctor about it. You're a handsome guy so...

  • I too have acne but the difference between both of us are :
    I don't have that much
    You look better than me
    I'm fit and you're amazingly fit

    • I'll take that as a compliment.

      I know. It's weird. I think fat people or just plain ugly people would want to look like me and I tell them My acne has made my life challenging and I really don't know who wins lol.
      At the end I win that's for sure but I don't know what do. I guess I know need to see a girl that wants to touch me before I get my clear skin. Pretty healthy to think like this.

    • See I don't know exactly but I am just average looking guy and girls find me cute and all so it's just that girls don't want Tom Cruise so I'm rocking and you'll rock with girls just be awesome 😂

  • Wow you built that body at 19, gud shit bro

    About the acne though, go to a doctor maybe? I am sure there must be some surgical treatment for it.

    • Trust me. I'm living with this.

  • There are ways to get rid of that

    • not in my case. Tried accutane and almost killed myself XD.
      It's been a long time. Don't worry. I find my acne funny at times.