Why does this girl act like this?

I'm a senior in college and I've met this freshman girl who is really cool a couple of months ago. I'm really interested in her. We have so many things in common. We have become pretty good friends. The thing is, she never texts and she never seems to have time to hang out on weekends. I've asked her so many times, and she's always busy. She acts excited and giddy when she sees me during the schol day, but still doesn't seem to want to text. I have to start all the texting conversations. She always responds, though. I went a week without texting her and she didn't text at all. I broke and had to text her. She responded like she always does, but it bothers me so much that she doesn't even try to text me. I've done things that made her grateful and she really appreciates the nice things I say to her and when I ask her how she's doing. She seems to always be on her phone, talking to her friends from high school. She's also really into anime and pretty much either watches shows or studies. She told me she only goes out for class and to eat. It doesn't seem like other guys have made a move on her. I saw her in the dining hall once and asked her if she wanted to sit together, but she told me that she was going to meet a friend there. She always eats alone, by the way, and I've never seen her talk to anybody else but myself. She sounded annoyed and rushed when she told me that, too. However, when I sat down to eat, I saw her on the other side of the dining hall eating alone, like she always does. Did she lie to me? I texted her about a week later asking her how her midterms were going. She responded nicely, like always. I'm so confused. Why does she do this? We've shared many things together, so it'll be awkward if we just stop talking, especially since we see each other often.
Why does this girl act like this?
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