How do I stop smiling so much around my crush?

Every time I talk to him or whenever he talks to me at lunch I can't help but have this huge smile on my face and I think it's making it ping illy obvious that I like him and I don't want it o be obvious

*painly not ping illy... Oopsies


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  • Nah, it's alright. He might like you more if you smile.


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  • Girls do themselves a huge injustice by closing off all indication that they like a guy.
    This makes it harder for the guy to read you, and in certain circumstances he may not even try to pursue you because he may think you only see him as a friend.
    If you like him, let it show.
    He may like you back, and may even make a move.
    Playing "hard to get" rarely ever works.
    It just allows for the situation to be more complicated than it needs to.