Does he like me...and why has he stopped looking..?

There's this guy at my workplace whom I realize have been staring at me from a distance for quite some time. When I realize he stares I stare back and our eyes lock for a few secs before I look away. I didn't smile and he never smile either. This happens a lot of times.. and usually its him who initiate the eye contact.. I always happen to 'realise' he's been staring...

I think by now he obviously knows I'm aware of him staring. Recently though he don't look at me much anymore. Sometimes he just look secretly from the corner of his eye. When I'm with my friends it seems that he just don't want to look at me like he usually does when I'm alone.

Im just confused with the signs he's showing. Is he interested in me and has 'given up' since I never actually smile at him..? or he's just not interested from the 1st place...?

plus, guys do you act differently when the girl you like is with her friends...?

Because what I think is probably going through his mind is '' I bet this girl told her friends that I've been staring at her, because they seem to look at me and laugh when I'm I better back off''...

(I told my friends abt my crush and they wanna see who he is, so one day I was with my friends and when he came, they kinda look at him and hype up the situation...)

I just fear that he's feeling that way, because I don't want him to feel like that! Because I actually like him too...i just don't know what to do with the situation... how should I act now towards him?

any advices?

Does he like me...and why has he stopped looking..?
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