Why did he stop staring?

There is this personal trainer at my gym that I find attractive. He used to stare at me all the time and even got out of his way to look once in a while as he even trained some of his clients. At one point when he was training several clients at the same time I think he turned his head to look at me pass by so obviously that his clients turned their heads to look at what he was looking at. After 2 weeks he all of a sudden stopped. Actually now I just feel like he glances and looks only when I don't notice because I only catch his backside lately. I used to catch his eyes all the time before. I go to the gym twice a day usually if my body allows me so I see the workers and regulars often. I don't mind the stares cause I learned to accept them. At times it even motivates me to train harder.

My question is, why did he stop? Or does it a lot less noticeable now?

I still catch other personal trainers look at me from afar, but not him anymore. Is he trying to stay professional or he simply don't care anymore? I'm not fit or hot, I would say I'm just average because I am still far from my goal. I'm aware guys stare at any girls at the gym, but since I am like a regular he doesn't care anymore? Or he has a girlfriend or is married?
Why did he stop staring?
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