Girls, would you say I'm attractive or date able? Or would a guy like me be a no go for you?

HONESTY please, looks matter so I won't call anyone out for that

I'm 5'9 or 5'10, the paleness is just my skin tone I literally do not tan despite being outside a lot, I do work out a decent amount and have tons but mass? No, I weigh just under 140lbs sounds small but most guys my family are that size, it's just our frame.

Girls, would you say I'm attractive or date able? Or would a guy like me be a no go for you?

The last one is just to show head shape with the shaved head and that's it not weird shaped.

Also it's important to note that I can't grow hair, my hair aged due to shock from a couple years ago, so if you couldn't get past no hair factor that.

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I am curious if it's mostly the hair that's the problem, either way this does suck as I have very high standards on girls looks that I wouldn't lower if it meant my death. It's not worth dating someone who isn't attractive and I'll die alone before dating a average/plain or unattractive girl
Hmm this is disheartening, still holding high standards on girls though


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  • You actually look a lot better in these pictures


  • I mean, you're an okay looking guy, but it would be a no from me, because you remind me too much of my childhood nightmare's with Jason, and I don't mean the looks; just the character of the movie's itself on how he went around killing people with a machete.

    • What? How do I remind you of that? Obviously I don't look like him and I don't see what the connection is.

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