7 Hour First Date: Too Much Too Soon?

I'm looking for other opinions on the matter. This was how long a roommate stayed on her date today from 2-8p. m. At first, they ate lunch. Then, they went to the bowling alley at 3 p. m. After that, I'm not sure what happened... I'm guessing they ate dinner together too. She hasn't come home yet (she stopped by a friend's), so I don't know all the details.

In my opinion, 7 hours is way too much for a first date without knowing the person beforehand. I'm glad she had a wonderful time, but the beauty of dating is getting to know someone over time. When you rush things, it speeds up the timeline to a relationship and this is how you miss what you would otherwise catch if you got to know someone slowly. It takes the illustrious mystery out of dating. To me, it shows that someone is too readily eager to fit me into their schedule versus someone who has a life outside of dating.

For example, I'm talking to a guy that has said he wants to go out once we both have free time. I had plans last weekend when he asked, he has plans this weekend, and next weekend is in the air due to a business trip he'll possibly be taking. However, we have been texting lightly every few days. I admired that in him because it signaled to me that he's making time for me, but also has a life outside of dating and isn't desperate to be in a relationship.

My friend tends to rush into things because she's 32 and just recently, for the first time, moved out on her own as my roomie. She sees everyone her age married with kids and it depresses her. I know that she's just looking to settle down with any man that comes her way because she doesn't respect herself.

To me, her actions reflect that. Am I wrong for thinking this? Isn't a 7 hour date a little too forward for a first meeting? Whatever happened to taking dating slow? Opinions?


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  • If two people are having fun, and don't have anywhere else to be, why stop having fun?

    Your friend is 32, she can stay out until 8pm at night if she wants to.

    Also, where are you getting 7 hours from if it went from 2pm to 8pm (8 minus 2 is 6)?

    • Touche. I guess it's a matter of opinion.

      I never said she couldn't stay out. Trust me, I'm not her mom and I will not hold her hand like she wants me to.

      Sorry, that was my error!

    • No I know. Sorry. I get that you're trying to be a good friend.

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  • It's cute. As long as she's safe I don't see the issue.


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  • d00d if the girl and I got along so well and just clicked, it'd be way too easy to spend the entire day together.

  • bruh, she can do what she wants. it's fine. no one should care if she's having fun. next


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