Ladies would you ever date a MGTOW guy?

do women really think really negative of these guys?

I always heard that women like bad boys because supposedly they always what to be that "special one" who changed that bad boy, etc. but oh well if that myth was true wouldn't it be easier to change an MGTOW guy? I mean after all MGTOW guys are not bad boys, they aren't advocate of violence against women, they are just guys who know there are a lot of better things to live for in this life

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  • absolutely no!
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hey everyone thank you for all your honest answers. lol oh well I would of never guessed that people view MGTOW guys from such a distorted point of view.

anyways the answers I've gotten here had inspired me to write this article...

I was wondering if you guys can please check it out whenever you had a chance


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  • if he was my type yes

    • I heard there was a lot of them in Japan. of course not because women in Japan are feminized stock ups like the women here in America are but because the majority of them enjoy doing other cool stuff like

      - Hiring cosplay escorts

      - Trying out High tech mastubartors

      - Cybersexing

      and many other things within that nature

    • yeah there are many

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  • I cannot fully answer your question but as you can see by my username I do kinda live that lifestyle. In fact I lived like this before I ever heard about this movement. At the same time I do not consider myself a bad boy.

    I always felt that women were trying to change me even when we had everything. Especially when it comes to jobs which were always in event organizing and other entertainment industry jobs. They paid more than most jobs but for some reason women wanted me to get a regular 9 to 5 job that paid less.

    My friends in the same industry did change for women but then lost them when for those women "mission was accomplished". So happy I never did. A lot of women will probably say that it just wasn't meant to be but I think that is bullshit. I also know that it is never enough for women. After this there will be something else they want changed.

    I'm glad I never gave in. It gave me the chance to live the way I want to. I have no ties, I have no kids and the wonderful things I have experienced I could never have done with a wife that doesn't act like a partner in what you do.

    Not saying this life is for everybody. But it sure is for me.

    • amen brother! It is for me too!

      but oh well the main reason I join the movement was because of my mother unfortunately. growing up I always witness her doing to her spouse every thing you just explained, eventually after I became an adult she started doing the same exact thing to me but unfortunately I couldnt fulfill her request because the economy was bad while I was living under her roof and nobody wanted to employ me.

      oh well her arrogant self-entitled feminized self eventually inspired me to again join this movement because I'm not letting another woman put me through the same hell she put me through. even worst I sure as hell dont want my future children to go through this same hell dont I'm not planning on starting a family anytime soon

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  • don't think so

  • Nope.

    MGTOW has become a lonely hearts’ club for the refuse of the male species. Not only are most Virgins Going Their Own Way personally repellent losers, their “philosophy” is completely wrongheaded.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with going your own way, and doing your own thing. No one is faulting anyone for that. The problem is that some guys take a good thing too far. The valid principle of "going your own way" slowly but surely morphs into something else: give-up-itis.

    Give-up-itis is a disease. It is a complete withdrawal from the responsibilities of life. And there is a sizeable component of guys out there who dignify their giving up on life with the alleged embrace of some higher principles. That's all we're saying.

    There is a cloud that hangs over the head of the MGTOW clan. I know there are a lot of sincere, good guys there, but perceptions do matter. And the whole MGTOW philosophy is just too susceptible to abuse by quitters who are looking for a safety blanket.

    Men need a philosophy of life that is action-oriented, so that his natural tendencies to backslide are kept in check.

    • so refusing to be someone's personal slave contributes to Give-up-itis? interesting!

  • I wouldn't down him for being his own independant man and i wouldn't determine the outcome of the relationship based on it either. Its a mutual factor. Your both aware of it going in.

  • Yes, absolutely, as long as his idea of gender equality doesn't mean he won't still treat me well and be polite. Some people go overboard. Also, I do hope to be a stay at home mom while my kids are young, so he would have to be okay with that. Basically it depends how extreme he is.

  • Girls don't like bad boys because they want to be that special one who changed him, they like bad boys because they are alfa and they fuck good.

    • Otrl! Last time I checked the folks who use the term "alpha" are the real insecure losers out there and I'm pretty sure you haven't fucked all the bad boys out there (or have you?) in order to validate your statement.

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    • Ok buddy thanks for sharing your sexual/intimate life with us.

    • ay bby gurl, I'm alpha and i fuck good

  • guys like that seem like they have problems with women and probably wouldn't make good boyfriends at all

  • He wouldn't really be going his own way if he dated me, so I don't think it would work out.

  • No, because it makes no sense to try to date someone who isn't interested in being in a relationship... Which is what the "going their own way" part means, right? 🤔

    • The things you are describing in your comments sound like a normal person, albeit a frustrated one who is somewhat damaged from childhood.

    • yea because just like everybody else you're looking at mgtow guys from a really distorted point of view, dont know if its even worth the time explaining it to you

    • I read the comments... What you're saying MGTOW means sounds simply like a normal, well adjusted person. Maybe guys who had bad earlier experiences with parents need some extra social support in getting there, though.

  • no! Maybe I'll date him and act like he want me to act CUZ I am fuckin upset at the world!

  • buddy, if he's MGTOW I would think he doesn't wanna date me lol

    • I thought most MGTOW fellas were not a big fan of women lmao

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    • yea those are "physical" preferences

    • personality preferences would be a guy who's mature and funny but I've fallen for immature guys who couldn't tell a joke to save their life. Again, preferences don't mean shit to me.

  • Kinda seems dumb as shit. Lol I didn't know this was a thing.

  • I've watched videos on you tube like, sandman, barabarossa, turd flinging monkey. Some points they make are good but much with the misogyny.

    • Also if your really MGTOW why do u care what women think?

    • obviously being an MGTOW does not mean I'm asexual

    • I didn't say anything about being asexual. But I thought the whole point was that you do what you want without mind to what women think. But here you asking what women think of you.

  • I thought most mgtowers were against marriage, dating and all that jazz.

    • Not at all, perhaps maybe that is how feminists view us.

      We are obviously into dating we just don't make it our main priority in life unless the women we are interested in give us a reason to

    • Okay, so how would me getting into a relationship with a man who's MGTOW differ from a relationship with a man who isn't MGTOW?

    • Its simple!

      - we are less clingier

      - we give you all the space you want just as long as you do the same for us

      - we dont follow gender roles so we dont expect you to cook and clean for us, etc.

  • MGTOWs have no interest in being associated with women, so no I would not.

    • allow me to correct that whole statement...

      "MGTOWs have no interest in being associated with feminized women who believe men have to provide for them in every way during a relationship, so no I would not."

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  • Dating a guy who actively tells you many times that your relationship doesn't matter to him? Interesting. I wonder how that would sell any product.

    "look at how much we don't give a shit".

    Best slogan.

  • I can see where these MGTOW guys are coming from, but they take it too far and don't have a logical argument for many of their points. I feel like this group is the natural response to how feminism is going down a bad path in some countries.

    • I think you are talking about Red Pillers, which are the ignorant toxic folks of the MGTOW movement. MGTOW is naturally just men who are fed up with the feminized women of today's society and choose to do other fun stuff in life that dont require to have a feminized chick next to you 24/7 who is gonna do nothing but spoil your fun moments.

      Red Pillers in the other hand are the actual polar opposite of feminism, they believe all men must think alike, being Alpha, only want sex, treat women like shit, etc.

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    • its all cool but as you can see from the answers this post received a lot of people now see the MGTOW movement from a very distorted point of view, but this again because the Red Pillers like radical feminists tend to be the loudest ones in the crowed. thought to be honest I think all feminists are the same radical or not.

      but oh well it doesn't take rocket science to know that feminism isn't about gender equality, when they say they want gender equality they are basically being hypocrites in order for them to have more reasons to exist and continue their ignorant rampage on the world. now "egalitarianism" is true equality

    • Feminism in many developed countries definitely has its faults, that is for sure. Sometimes I like to think of feminism in these countries as a train that blew it's brakes and those who realize this are trying to stop it or at least slow it to a reasonable speed but it's a train so it's not easy. Thanks for the stimulating conversation and the new information about this group. A little information goes a long way. It's unfortunate that everyone else here doesn't know about these red pillars. I have seen several posts from girls who recognize the problems with feminism in these countries. I also posted my basic thoughts about feminism on one of these posts. I will link it when I find it.

  • Maybe you should explain WTF a MGTOW guy is for those of us too lazy to google.