Do guys pay attention to what girls wear?

I'm tall. Like 5'10". My legs are long (size4). (Size2 in torso). Whenever I wear a dress,(my dress size is 2 mostly but :/ sometimes 4 because of my butt) it's a struggle to find one that isn't too short on my legs or too big on my torso. But whenever I wear a dress to my classes, the guys all say "wow. You're wearing a dress! You look really good!" They always seem to notice. I walked to my car over campus and a guy sitting on a bench followed my legs as I walked by. I love wearing dresses and I love how they aren't as restricting as jeans. Do guys really notice when girls dress up? Do they like it? I wanted to get into a relationship with a guy, and I wanted to know if wearing a dress made a difference.
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What do you think when you see a girl in a dress?
Do guys pay attention to what girls wear?
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